With the 2012 Summer Olympics starting tomorrow in London, JoAnn "Flash" Fleming is here to analyze the cost of the games on this week's Flash Talks Cash! Co-host Andrew Newman calls in for today's episode, and shares some of his thoughts about the benefit of redistributing television broadcasts, as well as the nature of amateur athletics. How much did it cost to build the Olympic Stadium in Stratford, London? And what percentage of funding comes from the International Olympic Committee? Well, Flash has all the numbers for you, and they might not be what you expect. Other topics include the financial considerations of the Olympics versus those of the World Cup, and the economic boost that London hopes the event will bring to the city and the rest of England. Today's episode has been brought to you by S. Wallace Edwards & Sons.


"There's the thought, 'What are we gonna do with these buildings after the Olympics are over?' That's part of the process- what can we change or convert this Olympic Stadium into [to make it profitable]?" -- JoAnn "Flash" Fleming on Flash Talks Cash

"There are 204 countries competing in the Olympics this year. That's a lot of markets for NBC to redistribute their rights and their feed to." -- Andrew Newman on Flash Talks Cash