Flatbreads and quick breads may seem like strange oven-fellows, but hear us out. In the venn diagram of bread baking, they both fall in the overlap of “speed” and “differently leavened.” So we're firing up the tonir, the tandoor, the griddle, the bastible, the wok, and even a rock, to travel around the world through bread.

We'll chat flatbreads with chef Mike Solomonov of Zahav, head baker Peiwen Lee of Hot Bread Kitchen, and author Kate Leahy of the forthcoming Lavash. Then, producer-at-large Conor O'Donovan will dive deep into Irish Soda Bread with Darina Allen of The Ballymaloe Cookery School, and cookbook historian Dorothy Cashman. And, as always, we'll hear insights from Modernist Bread from co-authors Nathan Myhrvold and Francisco Migoya.



Photo Credit: Nathan Myhrvold / The Cooking Lab, LLC. Modernist Bread's

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