Food is sexy. Books are sexy. So a fair about food and books? Super sexy.

On this week's show, Jacqueline and Ben go old-school Love Bites, reconnecting on their past month of insanity with Jacqueline's dating conundrums (break-offs and flirting and abstinence, oh my!) and Ben's having gone off to Paris to perform in a surrealist play in Yiddish...which he doesn't really speak.

Then they're joined by Amanda Dell and Kimberly Chou, the directors of the Food Book Fair coming up May 1st and 2nd in New York City. They dish on the challenges and triumphs of pulling off such a gigantic feat, how it affects their single-and-dating lives, and maybe a few rounds of never-have-I-ever will be introduced to the show.

Plus! The team gets giddy on the 2013 "Alemannia" Trosseau Gris from Lush Wine and Spirits owner and winemaker Mitch Einhornn. Never heard of a Trosseau Gris before? Neither had we. But it's from a small California vineyard and promises a sleek mouthfeel with notes of melon and dried straw flavors. So, yum.

Amanda and Kimberly

"In every relationship, the most important thing is communication, even when you are great communicators. And that just means being on top of it, especially if you share a small space." [19:40] – Kimberly Chou