Chef Kate Williams worked under Wolfgang Puck before returning to her hometown of Detroit and finding her style of cooking–Nordic food with a little more romance– while in Copenhagen. Now she's about to open her first restaurant, Lady of the House, which Eater already named one of the most anticipated openings of the year. Kate works with local farms to spotlight the beauty of #uglyfood that would otherwise be thrown away. We talk to her about her sustainable philosophy when it comes to nose-to-tail and why everyone should grow their own food.

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Later, we chat with Kimberly Chou Tsun An and Amanda Dell of Food Book Fair. A reformed journalist, Kim worked in newspapers before focusing on food (professionally, that is). Amanda is a native New Yorker with over a decade of high-end hospitality, public relations/marketing and event experience. Together, they run Food Book Fair: a part festival, part conference set at the intersection of food culture and food systems.