Restaurants all over the world have been forced to close their doors or shift to takeout-only service in the wake of COVID-19.  This week we learn how a range of food workers have adapted to the pandemic.

Jenny Goodman and Alex McCrery from Opening Soon discuss mental health in the food industry with Kat Kinsman, senior editor Food and Wine Magazine. Lisa Held from The Farm Report and chef Spike Gjerde speak about how farmers have responded COVID-19. Snacky Tunes’ Darin Bresnitz interviews Helen Rosner of The New Yorker about her efforts to support restaurants and how listeners can help.  We finish with a segment from a special episode of The Line where host Eli Sussman talks to chefs and restaurant owners from across the country, like Hannah Jacobs of Babydudes, about the difficult decisions that COVID-19 has forced them to make.

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