This episode of Week in Review covers everything from stretchy Turkish ice cream, positive body image, and where to put your sex toys in the dishwasher. On “The Breakdown” Jack and Erin talk food policy with Claire Benjamin DiMattina, Executive Director of

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Last Great Bite

Every episode of Week In Review opens with a recap of the last great thing Jack and Erin ate, and how you can try it too.

JACK: Spicy potatoes from Madhur Jaffrey’s cookbook,  A Taste of India

ERIN: Our neighbors at Brooklyn Bread Lab have been experimenting with regional grains and all sorts of cake.

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The Breakdown:

A guest or caller from around the industry joins the show to talk about their recent work.

Claire Benjamin DiMattina

Jack and Erin speak with Claire Benjamin DiMattina, Executive Director of Food Policy Action.

If you’re interested in food policy, check out Plate of the Union where you can find the Activist Tool Kit, which seeks to arm the public on how to better engage with food politics.


Jack and Erin “big up” people, places, and things they're totally digging right now.

JACK:  David, our new engineer at HRN, who was thrown into the fire this week as Jack was unexpectedly out with a stomach bug.

ERIN:  The Read, a hilarious weekly podcast that discusses celebrities from hip-hop and pop culture, “throwing shade” on everyone… except Beyonce.