On today’s episode of THE FOOD SEEN, we unveil the mysteries of food styling with Rebekah Peppler. A Wisconsin cheesehead, Rebekah came to NYC with a journalism degree, and a penchant for pastry. Upon enrolling in the French Culinary Institute, those two worlds collided, becoming a sweet array of dessert focused food media. She knows how to work behind the scenes, gussying up culinary sets, from cookbooks to TV, and videos for The New York Times’ Melissa Clark, but is also a recipe developer and author in her own right. From tweezers to spray bottles filled with cheap vodka, hear how Rebekah, makes the food we see, even better than it’s ever looked before.

“When you’re food styling and representing somebody else, you want to make sure it’s totally accurate.” [09:00]

“I don’t think there’s a recipe out there that hasn’t been written, but there’s also unlimited possibilities.” [12:00]

–Rebekah Peppler