This week on Food Talk, host Mike Colameco kicks off the show chatting with author and nutritionist Jenna Zoe about her new book "Plant-Based Paleo: Protein-Rich Vegan Recipes for Well-Being and Vitality." Mike gets to the bottom of how Jenna began to eat Paleo and the idea that before our ancestors learned to hunt, they ate a raw diet comprised of what they could gather in the wilderness. The plant-based diet gave us everything we needed then, and it still can now. Jenna goes on to explain that plant proteins are easier for the body to absorb than animal proteins and that a change in diet is something to consider before turning to a magical pill. Next up, Mike gets Sal Scognamillo on the line from Patsy's Italian Restaurant in NYC to chat about his iconic family business that has been embedded in the city since 1944. Coming out with a brand new cookbook, "Patsy's Italian Family Cookbook," Sal shares that this book features new recipes as well as the amazing family history. Sal explains that it was important to him in this cookbook to keep recipes simple, delicious, and accessible to all. Cookbook author Diana Henry joins the program next talking about her recently released book, "A Bird in the Hand: Chicken Recipes For Every Day and Every Mood." With chicken being one of the most popular foods to cook and eat, Diana shares that there is no shortage of brilliant ways to cook it, and the book features a host of new, easy and not-so-very-well-known dishes, starring the bird we all love. Lastly, Mike welcomes self-taught vegan chef and baker, Anita Shepherd whose newest venture is a coconut milk yogurt. A trail-blazer of plant-based non-dairy yogurts, Anita shares her background in the culinary world and how she came around to eating simply as a vegan and eventually creating Anita's Coconut Yogurt. Keep an eye out on the shelves for this delicious product!