This week on Food Talk, host Mike Colameco is back from his Peruvian excursion and is in studio chatting with Kristen Miglore, Executive Editor at Food52 and author of the new book "Food52 Genius Recipes: 100 Recipes That Will Change the Way You Cook." Explaining what she calls genius recipes, these are passed down from the cookbook authors, chefs, and bloggers who made the recipes legendary. In this book, she compiles 100 of the most essential genius recipes—nearly half of which have never been featured in her Food52 column—with tips, riffs, mini-recipes, and stunning photographs, to create a cooking canon that will stand the test of time. Mike next welcomes author John McQuaid to the show, author of "Tasty: The Art and Science of What We Eat," telling the story of the still-emerging concept of flavor and how our sense of taste will evolve in the coming decades. John explains the scientific research taking place on multiple fronts: how genes shape our tastes; the quest to understand why sweetness tastes good and its dangerous addictive properties; why something disgusts one person and delights another; and what today's obsessions with extreme tastes tell us about the brain. Mike rounds out the show talking to chef brothers Eli and Max Sussman. Out with their fourth cookbook, "Classic Recipes for Modern People," it features over 75 recipes that reimagine classic dishes from their childhood and yours, with a little humor baked in along the way. Divided into eight sections like "Classics from Our Childhood," TV Dinner Classics," "Future Classics," and "Breakfast Classics," the guys dish out their favorite recipes in the book. Tuna casserole? Shepherd's Pie? Everything old is new again! Tune in for another great show.