This week on a brand new Food Talk, host Mike Colameco first welcomes wine writer Alice Feiring. Raised on Manischewitz, it didn't take her long to find the better stuff. To Alice, "better" means wines made from organic viticulture with nothing added and nothing taken away. Talking to Mike about her recent favorites and tastings, the two have a great conversation dedicated to natural wines, which she has helped to define. Approaching wine from the ground up, Alice works much like an anthropologist to respect and preserve what is indigenous to wines and their traditions, and this is obvious throughout her appearance on today's show reflecting that wine unlocks culture and heritage, along with methods that reflect and relate human stories. After the break, Mike sits down with Chantal Martineau, author of "How the Gringos Stole Tequila: The Modern Age of Mexico's Most Traditional Spirit" chatting all about the progression tequila has made to the status of a fine sipping spirit. Chantal herself spent several years immersing herself in the world of tequila -- traveling to visit distillers and agave farmers in Mexico, meeting and tasting with leading experts and mixologists around the United States, and interviewing academics on either side of the border who have studied the spirit. Her book offers a glimpse into the social history and ongoing impact of this one-of-a-kind drink plus thoughts on mezcal, the mother of tequila!



"It is a passion to bring back the soil and this region with a phenomenal heritage."

--Alice Feiring on Food Talk