This week on a brand new Food Talk with Michael Colameco, host Michael Colameco kicks off the new radio season welcoming guests Frank Crispo and Lou Di Palo to the show. Mike starts off the show recapping his summer complete with the beach, travel, and great food. Frank and Mike go way back having grown up in Philadelphia, and catch up today talking about Frank's inspirations plus a couple great stories of coming up through the NYC food industry. Also talking about his own restaurant, Crispo, Frank shares how customer satisfaction is at the center of his business mentality. After the break, Lou Di Palo joins Mike in the studio talking about Di Palo Selects, a New York City institution of an Italian market, as well as his new book, Di Palo's Guide to the Essential Foods of Italy. Lou goes on to shares with Mike that the reason that he went about writing this book was to further understand where and from whom his food comes from and is inspired by. Tune in for a great show!


"The key to our success is that we aren't afraid to mix and match whatever [the customer] is looking for." [16:35]

"If it only was about food and the customers it would be a great business again, but it's a tough business, and we have to be ready for everything." [20:38]

--Frank Crispo on Food Talk

"The idea of our place is: we need to run it the way our grandparents ran it." [36:40]

--Lou Di Palo on Food Talk