This week on Food Talk with Michael Colameco, host Mike Colameco welcomes Michael Lomonaco, Laura Mania, and Ryan Sutton to the program. Kicking off the show with Chef Michael Lomonaco of Porter House New York, the two chat about Michael's background and journey through the food scene in New York City. Michael is also involved in the New York City Food and Wine Festival coming up this month and shares a sneak peak of the menu items before departing. Next up, Laura Maniec joins in on Food Talk. Laura is a Master Sommelier, co-founder of Corkbuzz, and is the former Wine and Spirits Director for 20 restaurants across the country. Sharing with Mike about how she traded culinary school for becoming a sommelier, as it turns out, it was happenstance that she fell into the career. Also telling about the difficulty of the tests associated with becoming a master sommelier, such as the blind tasting test where she correctly identified 6 wines based on taste, Laura goes on to share her future plans. In the last segment of the show, Mike welcomes food critic, Ryan Sutton to the program talking about what a day in his life is like. Talking ins and outs of reviewing, at the tail end of the show Ryan admits some of the best food that he's had the privilege of eating in the past year.


"It's what I love doing more than anything, being right here in New York and being in a restaurant." [14:15]

--Michael Lomonaco on Food Talk

"For me, I loved the blind tasting and I never struggled with it... I passed the tasting at 24." [31:46]

--Laura Maniec on Food Talk

"Critics offer a dialogue. Critics offer storytelling that's what, I think ultimately, readers want." [48:55]

--Ryan Sutton on Food Talk