This week on a brand new Food Talk with Michael Colameco, host Mike Colameco is talking with Chef Craig Deihl, author Karen Page, and NYC meat purveyor Marc Sarazin. Kicking off the show with Craig who is the chef at the Charleston, SC restaurant Cypress. Since 2011, he has also led Slow Food Charleston's Chefs-in-Schools program, which places local chefs in schools and educates students on healthy food choices through classroom demonstrations, after-school programs, tastings and professional development. His work with the Artisan Meat Share (AMS) from 2009-2013, allowed participants to receive local charcuterie while local farmers, in turn, received support from the increased product demand in what Deihl describes as a win-win scenario for both. Next up, Mike switches gears to speak with Karen Page, who is the author of "The Vegetarian Flavor Bible," talking all about eating vegetarian. With the popularity of cutting out meat in the past decade, Karen brings some great dishes to light in the new book. Notably, Karen and her author/photographer husband, Andrew Dornenburg, became vegetarians in 2012. In the last segment of the show, Mike welcomes Marc Sarazin, Partner and President of DeBragga and Spitler, an NYC meat purveyor. Marc's family has a long history in the food and hospitality industry and it was this and his passion for food and his commitment to the food service and hospitality industries, coupled with beliefs he had internalized at a very young age - quality products, superior service and integrity - that have guided him successfully throughout his career. Tune in for a fun meat, veggie, meat episode!

"I think chefs are falling in love with vegetables because they understand that's where the heart and soul of the flavor lies." [40:23]

--Karen Page on Food Talk

"It's not only just about the rib, strip, and tenderloin." [55:45]

"It's an exciting time to be back in the food business." [62:40]

--Marc Sarazin on Food Talk