This week on Food Talk with Michael Colameco, host Mike Colameco kicks off the show catching up his last week before welcoming Brian Freedman via phone. Brian Freedman is a food, wine, spirits, travel writer, restaurant/beverage consultant, drinks educator, event host and speaker. While on the line with Mike, he shares great information and highlights concerning various Italian varietal wines. Next, Mike chats with Noah Karesh, who is the founder of Feastly. Feastly is a marketplace where passionate cooks connect with adventurous eaters seeking more authentic and social dining options by offering home cooked meals in a cook’s home. In lowering the barriers to entry for cooks to share their skills and stories with the world, Feastly lets cooks monetize their passions and provide exciting new food opportunities for eaters. Noah tells Mike of his background and how he came up with such an interesting foodie idea. In the last segment of the show, Josh Bloom, founder of Purely Simple Syrup, joins Mike in the studio. Purely Syrup is a new line of certified organic simple syrups, crafted in small batches using only organic ingredients, with no coloring or artificial additives. The company is debuting with 5 versatile flavors: Ginger Root, Grapefruit, Vanilla Bean, Habanero, and Classic (unflavored). Purely Syrups offer a product that is consistent every time and is easy to use. Today, Josh gives Mike an on-air tasting and talks ingredients, recipes, and plans for the future.


“What Airbnb has done for bedrooms we’re doing for kitchens.” [24:00]

Noah Karesh on Food Talk