Mike Colameco is back from the Philippines this week with a brand new episode of Food Talk! Dedicating the first half of the show to Eklektikon Wines, Aris Soultanos shares a few selections of the Greek brand for an in studio tasting and tells how this Greek wine brand is breaking into the American market. Greece has quite the history of winemaking but Eklektikon's imports are more than exquisite wines; they embody the best of Greek art and culture, appealing to oenophiles on a deep emotional and cultural level. After the break, Mike is recounting his Philippines experience with Chefs King Phojanakong, Romy Dorotan, and Neil Syham. Each recall their journeys cooking Filipino cuisine in the New York City area and how the scene has evolved throughout the years, plus an in-depth discussion on their interpretations of traditional Filipino dishes. Tune in for a worldly show!