This week on Food Talk with Mike Colameco, Mike brings in nutritionist Ellie Krieger to discuss diet and exercise. Mike tells us his own story and explains how changing his diet had such great effects on his health and well-being. Later, Ellie sets the record straight about what eating healthy really means, and tells us how she worked through the recipes in her new book, to make sure that they could all be completed in 30 minutes or less. This program has been sponsored by Cento, King Arthur, and Colavita. Thanks to Brothers NYC for today's music.



"I realized that I could continue to enjoy food but do it in a healthy way." [11:50]

"Sometimes it needs a little sweetener to taste good, and that's fine!" [23:10]

"If you really pay attention to your taste, and you have just enough until your taste buds are fulfilled, you'll eat much less." [49:00]

Ellie Krieger on Food Talk with Mike Colameco