Michael Ruhlman joins host Mike Colameco in the studio today to share with us some amazing food recipes, including the addition of schmaltz, a rich fat that can be used in many delicious dishes. An author, food writer, home cook, and entrepreneur, Michael Ruhlman has been committed to changing the way people think about their food through books in collaboration with American chefs. His latest book, The Book of Schmaltz, acts as a primer on schmaltz, taking a fresh look at traditional dishes like kugel, kishke, and kreplach, and also venturing into contemporary recipes that take advantage of the versatility of this marvelous fat. Find out how to make a great chopped liver dish in your home, or simply pick up Michael's latest book, The Book of Schmaltz, today! Lastly, Mike finishes the show off with a great recipe for applesauce. This program has been brought to you by Cento and King Arthur.


"Fat doesn't make us fat, eating too much makes us fat. We have to revise the way we think about food, and start cooking ourselves."

"Schmaltz is something that you can only really make at home, and it combines the flavors of roasting, chicken, and browning." [23:00]

-- Michael Ruhlman on Food Talk with Mike Colameco