This week on Food Talk, Mike brings in Pascaline Lepeltier, sommelier at Rouge Tomate in New York City, and one of the top sommeliers in the world. They discuss the abundance of bio-dynamic wines and organic wines at Rouge Tomate as well as in production around the world. After the break, we welcome Sam Hazen, former executive chef at Veritas in New York. Sam tells us about his new restaurant, soon to open in the Park Hyatt building in Midtown NYC. This program has been sponsored by Cento, King Arthur, and Colavita. Thanks to Four Lincolns for today's music.

"I realized i was starting to spend my weekends hanging out in vineyards...I just took a sip of a very famous French wine...and I was like wow, I'm done. I am going to dedicate my life to wine." [8:25]

--Pascaline Lepeltier on Food Talk with Mike Colameco

"It's not going to be a restaurant in a hotel, it's going to be a restaurant attached to a hotel." [50:50]

--Sam Hazen on Food Talk with Mike Colameco