This week Food Talk is packed with guests, and today's focuses are sustainability and vegetarian cooking. Mike speaks with Bruce Frederick of Farm Sanctuary before bringing in Emily Abrams, high schooler and author of Don't Cook the Planet: Deliciously Saving the Planet One Meal at a Time. They both explain how and why people should consider eating less meat as well as making sure that the meat they do eat is raised properly and humanely. Next up is Deborah Madison, author of The Produce Bible, who tells us about vegetarianism and how many wonderful recipes you can create with ingredients from your own garden. Finally, Mike speaks with Laura Russell, author of Brassicas - a cookbook about the healthiest vegetables on the planet. This program has been sponsored by Cento, King Arthur, Colavita, and Wines Of Portugal. Thanks to Four Lincolns for today's music.


"Everybody benefits from eating plant foods whether they're a vegetarian or a vegan or a meat-eater!" [29:00]

--Deborah Madison on Food Talk with Mike Colameco