This week on Food Talk with Mike Colameco, Mike is joined by food media power couple Daniel Krieger and Jordana Rothman. Daniel is an esteemed food photographer who shoots for the likes of Eater NY and The New York Times. How did one of Daniel's iPhone shot make the cover of The Times' Dining Section? Jordana is a food writer who cut her teeth as the Food & Drink editor at Time Out New York. Tune in to hear about Daniel and Jordana's recent culinary adventures! Later, Executive Chef Thomas Lents and Sommelier Dan Pilkey of Chicago's Sixteen stop by the program to talk about their current stint at Jean-Georges. Hear about how Sixteen's menu reflects the seasonality of Chicago. Tune in to hear the crew get nerdy about wine and grape varieties! This program has been sponsored by Cento, King Arthur, Colavita, and Wines Of Portugal. Today's music has been provided by Idgy Dean.



"I shot an image of one of the dishes at Aska, and The New York Times ran the image without noting it was an iPhone image... I think it was the first time an iPhone image made the cover of the Dining Section." [8:45]

-- Daniel Krieger on Food Talk with Mike Colameco

"I think the best food writing needs to stand for something these days." [11:45]

-- Jordana Rothman on Food Talk with Mike Colameco

"The story that we're trying to tell- we do that in every part of the restaurant." [42:05]

-- Thomas Lents on Food Talk with Mike Colameco