This week on Food Talk with Mike Colameco, Mike sits down with two luminaries in the sustainable fish world- Sean Barrett of Dock to Dish, and Samantha Lee of Village Fishmonger NYC. Hear why Sean and Samantha joined the fight for sustainable fish, and what types of under-utilized seafood they feature with their fishery programs. How is Samantha kicking off Sustainable Seafood Week NYC? Later in the show, Mike chats with Adam Danforth. Few people know butchery better than Adam Danforth. Adam Danforth trained at the professional meat processing program at SUNY Cobleskill, one of the only such programs in the United States, before going to work at Marlow and Daughters in New York City. He’s also worked as a butcher at Blue Hill and has taught butchering workshops at the Stone Barns Center for Agriculture. Adam also works with individual farmers who are slaughtering animals for themselves, and because of that, he has a keen awareness of the needs of farmers, especially those who may be killing an animal for the first time.


“We utilize all of the fish we catch, but for the general public, I think skate is one of the fish that people enjoy… it ends up everywhere… Squid is another under-utilized fish that is all over Montauk.” [6:15]

“The market is flooded with imported fish!” [8:00]

Sean Barrett on Food Talk with Mike Colameco

“Within meat, once I started to delve into it and looked at the full breadth of what it means to consume meat … breed history, species history, aspects of how they are raised, etc.” [30:00]

“[My] books provide a number of different approaches for breakdowns of many different species of animal and various different techniques on how to utilize different muscles which is really an advent of modern understanding” [60:00]

–Adam Danforth on Food Talk