Ever wonder what kind of meat is in your processed food? Mike speaks about this with Deena Shanker, food writer for Buzzfeed, who looked into the question and found it difficult to get a straight answer. Later, Fred Cacace from Michael's Restaurant in Brooklyn comes in to talk about the tomato sauce his restaurant sells in jars that is in a whole different category than any other jarred sauce. Finally, Mike speaks to sommelier Paul Yanon about the fabulous wines produced in Portugal. This program has been sponsored by Cento, King Arthur, Colavita, and Wines Of Portugal. Today's music provided by Brothers NYC.

"I think we all have more appreciation for the food that we eat when we know where it comes from." [18:25]

--Deena Shanker on Food Talk with Mike Colameco

"Our motto is it's not jarred sauce, it's sauce in a jar." [39:00]

--Fred Cacace on Food Talk with Mike Colameco