Today on Food Talk, Mike interviews Tad Carducci, Beverage Consultant at Tippling Bros in New York City. Tad tells us about amaro, an italian liqueur typically drank after dinner as a digestif, and how it can be used in some great cocktails. After the break we welcome to the studio Beth Shapiro, Executive Director at City Meals On Wheels and Chef Alfred Portale, Executive Chef and part owner at Gotham Bar & Grill in Manhattan about how. Beth's organization provided meals to over 18,000 elderly New Yorkers last year with over 12,000 gracious volunteers. Chef Portale is one of the participating chefs in City Meals On Wheels, bringing his talent to thousands who need it. This program has been sponsored by Cento, King Arthur, Colavita, and Wines Of Portugal. Today's music provided by Obey City.

"Barrel aging is...probably the most prevalent mixology trend right now." [6:15]

--Tad Carducci on Food Talk with Mike Colameco