Fundraising for a restaurant project is no walk in the park. One can prepare to be met with under delivered expectations from most of your list of potential investors, often times including friends and family. Ghosted calls, delays and loan denials are a natural part of the territory that comes with getting checks in hand. It is only a dedicated and impassioned person that can weather the challenge. For most, we hope the journey is fruitful in taking you to the next step.

That was the story 6 months ago. Today, you can go ahead and pile on top of that: the COVID-19 pandemic and a march for racial equality and police reform. The first of which has meant closures and massive restrictions on business operations as well as a volatile market for both banks and your investors. While many restaurants are currently closing their doors under the realization that operating at partial capacity is a minor failure at best and a catastrophic one at worst, many people will forge ahead with their plans, some will capitalize on opportunities that may arise (like lower rents and decreased competition) and some will simply pull the plug.

Optimistically we are hoping today will be the story of perseverance through this challenge.

Our guest today is Chef Todd Richards. Todd is the culinary director of One Flew South and Chicken and Beer in Atlanta Ga. Todd is also the author of raved about cookbook: Soul A Chef’s Culinary Evolution in 150 Recipes. Within the book, James Beard Award-nominated Chef Todd Richards shares his personal culinary exploration of soul food

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