When we discuss family love, we  refer to biological families by default. But what about foster family relationships? What does it take for them to succeed, and who suffers the most when they fail? On today's show, we welcome Regina Calcaterra, the co-author of Girl Unbroken and the memoir Etched in Sand. Regina shares how the bond between her four siblings--born of separate fathers and the same mentally ill mother--lasted through years of abuse, displacement, and movement into and out of the foster care system, to where they share healthy lives and relationships as adults.

And before we get to that, we discuss Ben's impending move to Portland, Oregon, for a stint in Portland Center Stage's world premiere of Astoria. How do he and his gf plan to weather the storm? How does Jax plan to run the show in his absence? What can listeners expect as we transition out of being a dating show and into becoming a relationship show? And what do we really want out of our lives between now and Ben's return?

Regina Calcaterra


"Foster kids are incredibly resilient, and we're intuitive, because we learn to get a sense of people at a young age." – Regina Calcaterra