What chef doesn't want their own cookbook? Capturing your recipes, ideas, and dishes between two covers makes the transitory permanent and--from a practical standpoint--can be a powerful marketing tool. We ask two-time author Sara Jenkins (of Porchetta and Porcena) and Alex Raij (of El Quinto Pino, Txikito, and La Vara), whose debut effort The Basque Book publishes in April 2016, about what it takes to conceive, sell, promote, and enjoy writing a cookbook. And, since both chefs cook cuisines of other countries in the United States, we also discuss how to make non-native food accessible to an American audience, in restaurants and on the page.

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"Somebody said to me, it's not that the written word is going away, it's that the way information is transmitted and held is changing. People seem to be more into actual books again now." [30:00] – Sara Jenkins