Ever wonder exactly how we drill for natural gas in this country? Tune in for a very special feature as Erin Fairbanks chats with Mark, a drilling expert who is “in charge of the drilling operation from cradle to grave.” Learn about what it takes to drill, and why he believes it’s still a necessity in the 21st century. Get a rare inside perspective on drilling and fracking from somebody who knows his stuff and has been drilling for decades.

“The word fracking has only been talked about for a few years, but in reality fracking has been going on for 25-30 years.” 6:20

“I see a lot of things being said that are untrue about the oil industry and about fracking. There are stratigraphic traps that are penetrated. Provided, you have a good cement job on your casing, [there are no issues.] People in the oil and gas industry do not want to pollute things. They have their own engineers who make sure they have good cement jobs.” 10:50

“It’s a numbers game – you can’t just drill anywhere and make a well.” 15:30

“We out-drill any country in the world. We have the best technology, equipment and the best trained men. It’s good that people are concerned about something they don’t know about, it’s good that they ask and it’s good that they research. It’s very important for the US to become energy independent, and the only way we can do that is to continue to look and search for energy.” 19:00

“Mark” the drilling expert on HeritageRadioNetwork.org