This week on The Farm Report, Erin and Challey are joined by Greg Wade and Will Travis.

Greg Wade is the Head Baker at Publican Quality Bread in Chicago, IL where he collaborates with chefs de cuisine, farmers and retail owners to develop breads. As Publican Quality Bread’s Head Baker, Greg oversees the bread program for all of One Off Hospitality Group, with a focus on whole grains and fermentation. Apart from his day-to-day leadership, Greg is an active member of the local, regional and national farming communities – every July, you can find him leading a two-day Bread Camp along with Marty and Will Travis at Spence Farm in Fairbury, IL.

Will Travis is an 8th generation farmer from Spence Farms in Fairbury, IL where he works the land with his father Marty Travis and his wife Kris. They raise a large variety of products on the farm, everything from fruits and vegetables to Dexter cattle for beef, as well as small grains that are milled onsite. In 2003, Spence Farms began marketing directly to restaurants and now market and deliver products for more than 50 small family farms in central Illinois.

Greg and Will's work are profiled in the documentary Sustainable available at and streaming on Netflix.

Will Travis


And in the second half of the show, Chad Hendrickson of Lakewood Vineyards is in studio to transition the conversation from grain to grapes!