Cynthia Cherish Malaran was making mad money as a freelance graphic designer. She was married. She was "successful." But she was miserable. Then she got in an accident that left her body shattered and her mind with amnesia. Over a year into her recovery, music started to trigger her memories and she began to rebuild, leaving her miserable self behind. Then she got a diagnosis of a violent, advanced form of breast cancer.

"If I hadn't gotten into that accident, I would have still been miserable in this other job. Making money, but dying very slowly. And miserable."

Join us as Cynthia talks through the two tragic events that brought her life a New Beginning so rich that she's now been regularly called the "Drama-Free DJ" who's worked for clients from Oprah to hospice patients to women in prison. She has quite the story to tell.Cynthia Cherish2

Cynthia Cherish