"The one through line of my early twenties was that there was no through line." After many years of random jobs and a prolonged stint at the Metropolitan Opera, Casey made a pledge to himself that he would establish his career path by the time he was 30. Food was always heavily involved in Casey's life, it was a love interest of his but always something in the background. That is until he and a friend set themselves a challenge to set up a company in 30 days. They developed a spicy honey with quality ingredients from the Hudson Valley, Bushwick Kitchen was born. Three years later, they now produce 7 products ranging from honey, maple syrup and hot sauce. Casey discusses the early challenges in his first entrepreneurial endeavor, how he rolled with the punches, and how all those random, unrelated jobs in his twenties aligned to mould the multi-dimensional entrepreneur that he is today.


“In a long life of being very unsure of what I wanted to do, and having a lot of interests and passions come in and fall away, food is the only thing that’s remained constant in my life. And food is the only thing that I return to every single day with the same love and excitement that i had as a child crawling up on the kitchen counter helping my mom.”