Curious about fermenting vegetables at home? This week on Fuhmentaboudit!, Chris Cuzme and Mary Izett are joined in the studio by Bahiyyih Comeau of Brooklyn Homebrew. Bahiyyih is not only an expert homebrewer, but an overall fermentation enthusiast. Find out how Bahiyyih's job at a grocery store inspired her to pickle and ferment with the store's surplus vegetables. Find out how simple it is to make sauerkraut at home! Why do many homebrewers often shy away from making other fermented foods? Tune in to hear Bahiyyih talk about her methods of making kimchi, dilly beans, and more! Find out why it's better to use organic produce when you're first learning to ferment vegetables. This program has been sponsored by Rolling Press.



"In the summer, you need to use more salt because the heat promotes bad bacteria ferments." [9:00]

-- Bahiyyih Comeau on Fuhmentaboudit!