John Conzella of Condzella's Farm and T.J. Smolka of the Chelsea Brewing Company are in the studio talking beer farming and science! Mary Izett and Chris Cuzme are back on this week's Fuhmentaboudit! to talk about the New York state hop industry. Tune in to hear about John's recent successful Kickstarter campaign, and what it means for hop harvesting on Long Island. Learn about New York's history as a major hop producer! Later, T.J. explains how to harvest yeast from homebrews! What is the difference between washing and rinsing yeast? And how many times can you re-use yeast? Extract yeast from your homemade beers, and brew long and prosper! This episode has been sponsored by Fairway Market.


"About 100 years ago, hops were king in New York. New York produced 80% of the nation's hops" [5:15]

"Homebrewing is where it starts. It's the root of beer culture out here in New York. It's important to me to get hops in the hands of homebrewers." [9:45]

-- John Condzella on Fuhmentaboudit!

"The thing you want to move your yeast into should be a de-oxignated and nutrient-free material." [25:30]

-- T.J. Smolka on Fuhmentaboudit!