Chris Cuzme and Mary Izett are talking yeast and beer writing on this week's edition of Fuhmentaboudit! Tune in to hear Chris and Mary chat with Greg Doss of Wyeast about their Private Collection for the months of October through December. Learn more about yeast strains like the West Coast IPA, the new ESB, and the Farmhouse Ale. Why would a homebrewer select the Farmhouse Ale versus the Belgian Saison yeast? Find out what temperatures these yeasts excel in, and how to implement them creatively. Later, author Joshua M. Bernstein joins the conversation to discuss the great variety in craft beer. Find out why Josh hopes to educate the masses of beer drinkers with his new book, The Complete Beer Course. This program has been sponsored by Underground Meats.


"There can be beauty in nuance. That's what I want to do; I want to show the continuum of beer." [21:45]

-- Joshua M. Bernstein on Fuhmentaboudit!