Chris Cuzme and Mary Izett are talking yeast and community supported beer with Anthony Accardi and Rob Kolb Transmitter Brewing! Transmitter is moving to Long Island City to provide farmhouse ales for New York City! Tune into this episode to learn how Rob and Anthony define farmhouse styles, and hear why they love the possibilities that come with making a farmhouse beer. Learn about Anthony's fascination with yeast, and why he collects different brettanomyces strains from across the world. Listen in to hear Anthony and Rob talk about the similarities between winemaking and brewing when using many different types of yeast. What has Transmitter learned from making 100% brettanomyces beers? Tune in to find out more about their unique distribution model! Tune in to hear more yeast evangelization from Transmitter Brewing! Thanks to our sponsor,

"I love yeast; I'm definitely yeast-forward when it comes to making beer. The good thing about the term 'farmhouse ale' is that it doesn't really mean anything. If you make a hoppy Belgian-style beer, you can give that to IPA fans and still be showing the flavor of yeast... It allows us to be open and have fun with it." [5:35]

-- Anthony Accardi on Fuhmentaboudit!