Johnnie Leroy Compton III brews wild open-fermented sours in his home! This week on Fuhmentaboudit!, Mary Izett packs a bunch of brewing enthusiasts and professionals into the studio to talk wild yeast, blends, and more! Joining Mary and Johnnie are Hayley Jensen and Stephen Durley from Taproom No. 307, and John La Polla of Bitter & Esters. Tune into this episode to learn about some of Johnnie's unorthodox yeast-collecting methods, and why no brewer should fear infection. Hear how Johnnie brewed inside of trash cans, and how he has dealt with acetobacter in the past! Learn more about Johnnie's blended IPAs, and why you gotta brew with your gut! This program has been sponsored by Regional Access.


"You figure out how to take an infection that's exaggerated, then blend it back into something great." [7:20]

-- Johnny Leroy on Fuhmentaboudit!