Welcome to 2014! Fuhmentaboudit! is back with Finback Brewery. In this week's episode, Mary Izett kicks off the new year by explaining the process of making a short mead. Tune in to learn about the importance of water quality, honey ratios, and flavorings! Later, Chris Cuzme joins Mary to talk with Basil Lee and Kevin Stafford of Finback Brewery. Finback is located in Glendale, Queens; find out how the duo found their space, and why revel in its vastness. Hear about Basil and Kevin's backgrounds in homebrewing, and how they are still inspired by the DIY ethos. What beers can you expect from Finback Brewery? Expect the unexpected! Thanks to our sponsor, Regional Access.


"Getting into homebrewing was about drinking beer, and drinking different beers... it was about trying to experiment with new things." [14:45]

-- Basil Lee on Fuhmentaboudit!