This week on Fuhmentaboudit! host Mary Izett talks with Jesse Ferguson of Carton Brewing in Atlantic Highlands, NJ and Matt Chan, an experienced home brewer with a couple of his own brews in tow. Ferguson speaks about the growth of his 15 barrel craft brew house and some of the really inventive beers that they are producing, including a Super Storm Sandy Stout that came about by accident. Chan talks about the Berliner Weisse and Gratzer style beers that he has been brewing and discusses the unique process and ingredients he uses to create these small batches. These avid home brewers know their stuff so tune in and learn about the process of brewing beer at home and the use of unusual ingredients to create really diverse and interesting flavors. This program was sponsored by Edwards Ham.


"[The Super Storm Sandy Stout] is super interesting because in that seven day period in the kettle, I think a lot more started happening than just lactobacillus." [9:56]


--Jesse Ferguson and Matt Chan on Fuhmentaboudit!