What makes good quality malting barley? Where is grain for beer sourced from? What do gluten free beers look like? How do you malt millet and other gluten-free grains? Tune into a grainy episode of Fuhmentaboudit, as Chris Cuzme and Mary Izett chat with Andrea Staley of Valley Malt and Twila Henley of Grouse Malting. Learn about everything from brown malt to buckwheat as both guests take listeners on an audio tour of the world of grains. This program was brought to you by Bonnie Plants.

"The majority of our customers are breweries or home brewers looking to make 100% gluten-free beers." [11:00]

--Twila Henley on Fuhmentaboudit

"We would like to be able to design a kilm that would be capable of making brown malt on a commercial basis." [32:00]

"We call it base malt - but it doesn't have to be base malt. The character of your beer doesn't have to come from specialties or hops - dare I say that." [36:00]

--Andrea Staley on Fuhmentaboudit