Dan Woodske mixes bread, lemons, raisins, and water to make beer. Dan makes a Russian style of fermented beverage called kvass, and he's calling in to talk with Mary Izett and Chris Cuzme for today's Fuhmentaboudit! Dan wrote the book Kvass: History, Health Benefits, and Recipes for the Russian Bread Drink to spread the word about fermentable bread! Hear how the drink evolved based on health reasons. Learn why brewing kvass is much simpler in chemistry than brewing beer. Hear about some of the other crazy ingredients that can be used to brew kvass. Why is kvass so low in alcohol? Hear about the health benefits of kvass, and hear Dan's predictions about local beer markets. How should one incorporate fresh herbs into their brews? Find out on this week's Fuhmentaboudit! This program has been brought to you by Heritage Foods USA.

"If you have ever made soup at home, you have everything you need to make a kvass." [10:05]

"If you do one thing when you make kvass- toast your bread. It will make your life a lot easier." [12:45]

-- Dan Woodske on Fuhmentaboudit!