This week on Fuhmentaboudit!, hosts Chris Cuzme and Mary Izett are in a full on celebration of Cider Week! Welcoming Devin Britton of Bad Seed Cider, he tells Christ and Mary how he and his business partner Albert Wilklow became involved in the cider business. As it turns out, Devin was always interested in home brewing and relays that before he turned 21 it was easier to try to make alcohol rather than buy it. Initially making homemade beer, the pair found their calling by making cider for friends that demanded they go into production. Recently opening a tap room, the hosts implore how many ciders that they offer and find out that they offer other brands of cider as well. Devin explains that Bad Seed intends to make customers cider fans, not just Bad Seed Cider fans. After the break, Chris and Mary get all the details behind the opening of the tap room, how the apple harvest has gone, as well as his insight regarding designing recipes. Tune in to hear what’s on tap for Bad Seed Cider’s future! This program was brought to you by Whole Foods Market.


“We are one of the few cider companies out there that grow our own apples and press them.” [3:28]

“Since we’ve opened a couple weekends ago response has been overwhelmingly great.” [18:35]

“We are going to be packaging those seasonal ciders in 12 ounce cans in 4 packs.” [23:33]

Devin Britton on Fuhmentaboudit!