In episode 11 of At The Table, Sari speaks to Carina Kaufman-Guttierez, Deputy Director of the Street Vendor Project. Street Vendor Project works with approximately 2,000 people who sell food and merchandise on the streets of New York City.

About 90% of their vendors are low-wage immigrant workers, often undocumented, who rely on busy streets to feed and support themselves and their families. With little access to grants and government benefits, the pandemic has left many of these vendors with nowhere to turn.

Carina explains how the Street Vendor Project is providing support to these front line workers at a practical and policy level, from protecting vendors from police harassment to creating access to small business grants. She explains how we can best support this extremely vulnerable population, especially through the Street Vendor Covid-19 Emergency Fund, created to provide relief payments directly to as many individual vendors as possible.

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