Episode 8 of At the Table is with Devita Davison, Executive Director of FoodLab Detroit, a nonprofit business support organization that helps to incubate and accelerate food businesses that want to be part of a good food movement.

In this conversation, Devita speaks to the fundamental reasons why the restaurant industry is currently in crisis, including, and most importantly, the fact that the industry is propped up on the backs of our most vulnerable workers. According to Davison the Coronavirus has only exposed this "ugly underbelly".

Devita also explains how class and race are both factors of whether or not a restaurant will succeed or fail during this time and hopeful ways in which the community has banded together in order to come back stronger and more sustainably.


Watch the online video version here: https://www.mofad.org/episode-8?_ga=2.51530412.484154044.1589123193-892082491.1570804996&fbclid=IwAR1k6F4_lz_fGyp_EvfiCHuvehu_mai4R5OdYFUEV_T3oAB-3pmImfmf8U8

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