In episode 10 of At The Table, Sari speaks with Elizabeth Peralta, Executive Director of the National Supermarket Association. Representing over 800 independent stores, 99% of which are Latino-owned, Peralta explains how the NSA and their members are coping during the current pandemic while on the frontlines of serving their communities.

Peralta sees the NSA as the embodiment of ‘"the immigrant American dream," where their members have made it their mission to give back to their communities. She breaks down how supermarkets are surviving in a time of overshopping, fluctuating prices, and increased robberies while balancing the difficult decision to either go to work or see their families. Peralta explains how the NSA has built unique partnerships with companies such as Lyft, Bronx Mutual Aid, and Goya Foods, with the goal of making sure that food safely reaches the most vulnerable in our society.

Most importantly, Peralta outlines best practices for how we as shoppers can take care of each other and the supermarket workers and operators that are doing their best to ensure there is food on the shelves of their stores in these challenging times.

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