On today’s episode of THE FOOD SEEN, we span the globe for strange and curious food stories with Gastro Obscura, the gastrotourist cousin of online magazine/guidebook Atlas Obscura. Editors Alex Mayyasi and Sam O’Brien, post about food art, food artifacts, food as ritual and medicine, and are interested in your submissions too! Their pitch guidelines ask for food stories associated with a particular place, like “Inside the World's Only Sourdough Library” or how “In Istanbul, Drinking Coffee in Public Was Once Punishable by Death”. Many articles are served with a side of levity, like that of a 20-page publication made solely of cheese, or how a restaurant in Toledo, Ohio’s most celebrated keepsake is a hot dog bun signed by former President Jimmy Carter. Or simply become a fan of Hverabrauð, Iceland’s geothermal “hot spring bread”, maybe even top your burger with peanut butter as they did in a now-shuttered Missouri-based drive-in. Whatever your wondrous food stories might be, they want to hear them!

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