As a food policy show, we would be remiss to not discuss one of the most hotly contested issues in the food space over the past year - GMO labeling. What has been going on at the state and federal level around GMO labeling regulations and what is at stake for industry as well as our broader food system? And why was this issue - compared with the myriad others in the "good food movement" - successful? Host Jenna Liut delves into these questions and more with guests Jenny Hopkinson, a food policy and agriculture reporter at POLITICO and POLITICO Pro; Colin O'Neil, Agriculture Policy Director at the Environmental Working Group; and Steve Armstrong, Chief Food Law Counsel at Campbell Soup Company.

gmo labeling

“Many consumers know or have a feeling that their food system has changed, but they don’t know to what extent, and we think through labeling that will help illustrate the extent to which the food system really has changed in this country and, in many cases, has changed without the input of consumers.” [31:25] – Colin O’Neil