People have a taste for discovering new foods, whether via a chef’s Instagram feed, a trip to a foreign land, or a mystery box in the mail. To satisfy this craving, more than 30% of Americans are buying food online. Try The World, is a good example of the international food subscription box service category. Every month a box of unique items from a specific country arrives with information, menu and entertaining ideas. Try The World was founded in 2013, by Kat Vorotova and David Foult, who met in New York while studying at Columbia University. To date, Try the World has sold more than 200,000 boxes of products from 1000-plus suppliers.

Eric Rhee is hoping to get in on the e-commerce market for international foods with his Asian-focused site Umlicious. Launched a few months ago, the site features items like fish sauce and rice wine vinegar, accompanied by recipes. In this episode, Eric has the opportunity to get mentored by Kat and David, for advice on how to grow his start-up to $7 million in sales.

Tech Bites Episode #76