It's Goatober and Erin Fairbanks is celebrating with an in-depth chat with Mark Baustian of West Hill Farm who raises Boer goats for meat.  Mark shares his passion for bringing goat to the domestic meat market and divulges how he and his wife became goat farmers.  He also points out that while most people think milk and cheese when they think of goat farms, goat is actually the most widely consumed meat in the world. Conversation evolves from supplying NYC halal carts to the globalization of food production and what Mark sees in the foreseeable future for goat.  Stay tuned for the tail end of the show for the segment featuring Beth Linskey of Beth's Farm Kitchen Jams and Preserves.

"More and more, we're finding that if we can put goat meat in front of people they like it." [33:00]

"I'm not predicting that goat will ever replace pork or beef, but there is a lot of scope for it to grow." [35:00]

--Mark Baustian on The Farm Report