Going to an Ex's Wedding: Sweet and supportive -- or scary and just plain weird?! On today's show, we share our craziest weddingscapades, then dig into the deep stuff: When you're going to an ex's wedding, what do you want to happen, and what should be prepared for in case it happens without your instigation? Hopefully, Ben's insight from being on the male side of a bridal party where an ex was the bride will fortify Jacqueline for when she watches her first boyfriend get married, showered by all of their still-mutual friends. Then we're joined by Daniel Neiden, a Jewish Cantor and wedding officiate, who's going to offer up some general wedding know-how gleaned from his many years of being the guy who literally stands between couples on their big day. What kinds of questions does he suggest couples ponder before they say "I do"? What does he personally think about the institute of marriage? And what does he suggest we keep in mind when the pressure of the wedding occasion starts to build? Finally, we come full circle as Daniel shares his own craziest wedding experience...as a guest. Tune in.

Daniel Neiden, courtesy The-Foundry-Wedding-Photos