Jordyn Lexton and Annie Bickerton are helping formerly incarcerated youth stay out of jail with their new initiative, Drive Change. On the inaugural Good Food segment, Daniel Meyer talks with Jordyn and Annie about youth justice in New York City. Hear Jordyn talk about her experiences teaching at the East River Academy on Rikers Island, and how those experiences inspired the idea for Drive Change. Why is the food industry a good avenue for re-entry? Listen in to find out about the morality of the modern food movement, and how Drive Change will bolster the economy from the farm to the city. What will the menu look like for the first Drive Change food truck? Find out on this Good Food segment! This program has been sponsored by White Oak Pastures.


"The actual conditions of adult jail are very traumatic. I knew within five minutes of my first day that adult jail was no place for kids." [5:30]

"Food has always been a tool to help build community." [8:45]

-- Jordyn Lexton on Good Food

"The food movement now is really about how food relates to our values." [24:45]

-- Annie Bickerton on Good Food