Today on Good Food, Daniel Meyer is talking health promotion and grassroots organizing with Nancy Heuhnergarth of the New York State Healthy Eating & Physical Activity Alliance and writer for Huffington Post. Tune into this program to learn about some of the awesome events planned for Food Day. Hear how Food Day celebrates the positive aspects of our food system, such as the increasing quality of school lunches. Hear how Nancy hopes that cooking classes in public schools will inspire a new generation of home cooks. Nancy gives step-by-step instructions on how grassroots organizing can influence legislation; tune in to find out some important tips in order to affect positive, healthy change! Thanks to our sponsor, Brooklyn Slate. Music has been provided by The California Honeydrops.

"Unfortunately, families across America have stopped cooking. One of the ways that we think we can get a new generation cooking again is by bringing cooking education into the schools, and make it something fun that people do together." [9:35]

-- Nancy Huehnergarth on Good Food